Invest in your employees with our 12 Week Fitness Challenge!

Our ‘Challenge your employees!! Fitness Challenge’ sees your staff work together as a team to get fitter and healthier, within a safe, guided framework that’s also great fun. You’ll be amazed at the results - and the health and motivational payback.

Higher levels of exercise reduces the number of employee sick days.
Even low levels of additional exercise can help combat fatigue, increasing productivity.
Exercise in groups can be more effective, more fun and helps to bond people together.

Personal Training

Are you looking to find a personal trainer and nutritionist in Cardiff, but don’t know where to start? At Operation Fitness our process is simple: we help you identify your goals, we record your progress and we tailor a training and nutritional package to help you achieve results. Get to know our trainers.


Our fitness Bootcamps promise a great experience with visible fat loss, fitness and lifestyle changing results. Don't Just think about getting in shape, use our tailored plan to start your journey. We run Bootcamps from the facilities at St. David’s Hotel & Spa and Llancarfan Village Hall.

Sports massage

Sports massage

If you train regularly, then you need a great sports massage service. At Operation Fitness, our massage service is focused on keeping you fit and flexible, and minimising the impact of any strains or minor injuries from playing sport.

Boxing lessons

Boxing training provides a great all-round workout, that can be more fun and just as effective as working through a gym machine programme. Great for general fitness – why not give it a try?

Nutrition & workout plans

Improving your health is easy, if you have a plan to keep to. Our carefully tailored, 10 week transformation programmes provide support and guidance to get you to your fitness goal.
Not sure how to achieve your goals?

Not sure how to achieve your goals?

Get in touch with the Operation Fitness team today and get a free consultation, tailoring our services to your exact needs.


Owen Phillips

Personal Trainer

A fully qualified personal trainer, Owen also brings his expertise from boxing into your fitness routine.

Amy Chapman

Sports masseuse

Professional sports teams trust in Amy’s firm hands and her knowledge of how to limit the potential for injury, and encourage fast recovery.

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